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The ELM327 is a programmed microcontroller produced by ELM Electronics for translating the on-board diagnostics (OBD) interface found in most modern cars. The ELM327 command protocol is one of the most popular PC-to-OBD interface standards and is also implemented by other vendors. The original ELM327 is implemented on the PIC18F2480 microcontroller from Microchip Technology. ELM327 is one of a family of OBD translators from ELM Electronics. Other variants implement only a subset of the OBD protocols.

MQTT OBD Vehicle Telemetry

“Fancy to see your’s vehicle data online in real-time? If so, continue reading! 1) In a nutshell So today we will connect our car to the internet. Literally. Using Arduino MKR1000 & ELM327 micro-controllers we will send various data from …

Car Heads Up Display (Arduino + ELM327)

“Some years ago I had the chance to drive a C6 Corvette with a HUD and loved it. The ability to see your speed and RPM without taking your eyes off the road made driving much more enjoyable. For a …

IGo - Low-Cost Advanced Driver Assistance System

“The typical day of every human being starts with waking up late and getting ready for work in a hurry. The workplace will not be very near, one has to travel a significant distance or around 30 minutes on an …

OBD II Information Logger and Diagnostics Reader

“Reads and logs information from a vehicles ECU Raspberry Pi and an ELM 327 USB to OBDII cable.”