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The DM13A is a constant-current sink driver specifically designed for LED display applications. The device incorporates shift registers, data latches and constant current circuitry on the silicon CMOS chip. The maximum output current value of all 16 channels is adjustable by a single external resistor.

Project  LOL Clock

LOL Clock

“A 3D printed clock made up of lots of LEDs (LOL). This is my remake of a LOL Clock (Lots of LEDs) by robaux. One of my goals was to “clean up” the wiring and to reduce the depth of …

Red/Green/Blue Disco Tile

“A 16x16 Red/Green/Blue matrix display driven by shift registers, MOSFETs and a Arduino Pro Micro (old school electronics). This is an extension to my previous Red/Green Disco Tile. By using Red/Green/Blue 8x8 matrixes, more colors …

8x8x8 RGB LED Cube

“An animated cube made with 512 RGB LEDs driven by an ATmega328.”