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Digilent Nexys 2

The Nexys 2 is a powerful digital system design platform built around a Xilinx® Spartan®-3E FPGA. With 16Mbytes of fast SDRAM and 16Mbytes of Flash ROM, the Nexys 2 is ideally suited to embedded processors like Xilinx's 32-bit RISC MicroBlaze™. The on-board high-speed USB2 port, together with a collection of I/O devices, data ports, and expansion connectors, enable a wide range of designs to be completed without the need for any additional components.

Project  FPGAmstrad


“This is a VHDL version of Amstrad CPC 6128 running on FPGA starter-kit NEXYS2 500k-gates from Digilent. A starter-kit is a board made for learning FPGA, so it is a standard FPGA development board. Please refer to [MiST-board CoreDocAmstrad] for …