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Pixy (CMUcam5) is a partnership between the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute and Charmed Labs. Pixy comes from a long line of CMUcams, but Pixy got its real start as a Kickstarter campaign. It first started shipping in March of 2014, but it's already become the most popular vision system in history! Pixy is funded exclusively through sales, so thank you for making Pixy a success! You can watch the original Kickstarter video below -- it's a good introduction!

Rocky Rover: Robotic Vision System PixyCam & Arduino 101

“Intel Arduino 101 based Rover with PixyCam! Hackster Live events are awesome! Intel sponsored our Hackster Dallas event and sent us some Intel Arduino 101 to build Rovers. Thanks Intel, thanks Arduino. Here’s the Rover I built for the …

FPGA Robotics Vision for anyone

“Are you like me interested in technology and always wanted to use one of those heavy chips called FPGA’s? Are you interested in vision and robotics? My goal was to bring FPGA vision to the people, accessible to everyone …