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The 7492 / 74LS92 counter IC is a 4-Bit ripple counter (4 cascaded counting elements). The individual counting circuits inside are partitioned into two blocks, one is a divide by two counter and the other capable of divide by 6, which when combined together effectively implements a divide by 12, perfect for the hour tracking register for a digital clock.

Nanocomp 6809 8 Bit Retro Computer on Breadboards

“Wireless World Magazine in January and June 1981 published this design. Reproduced on solderless breadboards using the original Monitor ROM The Nanocomp 6809 was a simple microcomputer design published in Wireless World magazine in 1981, with a 25 key keypad …

Reloj - 7400 Series Digital Clock

“This project was inspired by my dad’s university digital systems project from the late 1970’s. I found the writeup and schematic and decided to try and re-create it. You can see the results of the breadboard reproduction and …