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Toshiba Releases Its First 200V Transistor Output Automotive Photocoupler

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”) has launched a high voltage transistor output automotive photocoupler, “TLX9188,” for isolated signal communication in automotive equipment, including electric mobility vehicles. Volume shipments start today.

TLX9188’s high voltage photo transistor delivers a collector-emitter voltage rating of 200V, 2.5 times higher than Toshiba’s current TLX9185A, a first for the company. By specifying maximum values for switching characteristics (turn-on time, turn-off time), the new photocoupler can be used as a unidirectional switch. It can also be used in feedback circuits of analog signals in 100V to 200V equipment, helping to reduce the cost of application circuits.

- Automotive equipment
- Battery Management Systems: voltage monitoring, mechanical relay sticking detection, ground fault detection, etc.
- Feedback of analog signals, etc.
- High collector-emitter breakdown voltage: V(BR)CEO=200V (min)
- High current transfer ratio: IC/IF=100% (min), rank GB
- High isolation voltage: BVS=3750Vrms (min)
- Wide operating temperature rating range: Topr= -40 to 125°C
- AEC-Q101 qualified
- IATF 16949 certified”

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