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Quad Electronic Fuse

Protect your circuits with a powerful and resettable E-Fuse when handling circuits with high current batteries.

Recently I purchased a Infineon High-Side-Switch Shield with PROFET +2 12V BTS7002-1EPP from element14 after seeing the Electronic Fuse project published by the Infineon Team. I liked the idea of an electronic fuse and decided to turn it into a unit more suited to sitting on a work bench shelf.

- The 4 Line LCD display is replaced with a color TFT display. This can display 5 lines allowing the 4 channels (electronic fuses) to be included. Also each channel is color coded so the color screen can show the status of each channel in their respective colors.
- Each channel has a red/green LED. When the channel is unlit, the channel is off. It turns green when the channel is on and will turn red when the current exceeds the channel’s threshold current setting.
- Due to the lack of freely available pins on the Arduino UNO, the CPU is replaced with a 40 pin ATmega4809 microcontroller.
- A buzzer is also included to provide an audible warning when an overflow condition is detected.
- A case more suited to sit on a work bench shelf.”

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