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Homemade Successive Approximation Register ADC

This is a homemade 7-bit SAR ADC using discrete components for principle study.

The following is an introduction to a Successive Approximation Register Analog to Digital Converter (SAR ADC) that I made myself for principle study, and observing the conversion behavior inside the SAR ADC allows you to experience the operation of both analog and digital circuits. In 1979, I made my own 8-bit digital sampling unit for analog oscilloscopes, and this is a recent reproduction of that SAR ADC in 7-bit format. The concepts are as follows. (1) The SAR will consist of as few as general standard logic ICs. (2) A self-running mode will be provided so that the behavior of the ADC can be observed with this board alone. The detail chapter shows the schematic of this SAR ADC and the video shows how the DA conversion signal of the SAR output converges to the input voltage.”

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