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Understanding the attire for your morning run based on differences in indoor & outdoor heat indexes built on Particle and local weather data

The quest to wear the right clothing based on the difference between indoor and outdoor heat indexes when making my morning run is made easier using this Activewear Suggestion station. That is built using a Particle Boron with a grove shield and Open Weather Map “Current Weather Data” API.

I attached a DHT 11 sensor to collect indoor temperature/relative humidity and an OLED screen to display indoor and outdoor temperature/relative humidity collected from Open Weather Map. Finally, an RGB LED that changes color based on the difference between the indoor and outdoor heat indexes calculated using our Indoor heat index and outdoor heat index functions.

For this project I will be using Particle Workbench that provides all the tools, libraries and extensions you need for IoT development in a single, easy-to-install package.

Additionally, by clicking on this link you’ll be taken to the Particle Web IDE that is an Integrated Development Environment; which just so happens to run in your web browser. This will contain all of the code preloaded for you. All you’ll need to do is to duplicate the project.

Thanks to the ease of use of the Grove system, this should be a straightforward and accessible project even if you’re just starting out.”

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