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Remote Object Detection with Google Coral and Sixfab CORE

Object detection remotely and easily with Sixfab CORE and Google Coral.

Today, we will build a project on simple object detection via the remote terminal developed by Sixfab, using Google Coral, which I included in my project. Here is a project for a real-world solution that connects artificial intelligence, remotely assisted IoT deployment and cloud connectivity.

Google Coral is an edge AI hardware and software platform for intelligent edge devices with fast neural network inferencing. Coral is Google’s initiative for pushing into Edge AI, with machine learning devices that run without a connection to the cloud. With Coral, you can quickly perform machine learning operations on end devices. In this project, Coral will perform object detection on a captured image. After completing the installation steps, we will do it remotely with Sixfab CORE.

In this project, we will perform object detection with Coral on the picture we took on the Raspberry Pi, which we provide cellular connection, and we will do all of these operations remotely and quickly.

Ready? Let’s get started!”

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