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A DIY RGB LED matrix which blinks in pattern with music or any sound.

This is a fun project to demonstrate programmable I/O hardware using PIO to control RGB LED (WS2812 Neopixels) movements activated by a connected sound sensor.

What is PIO?
Programmable I/O (PIO) is a new piece of hardware developed for RP2040 (the chip on the Raspberry Pi Pico). It allows us to create new types of hardware interfaces on Raspberry Pi Pico.

_Please refer to the blog post to know more about it.

- Jumbo CNC Laser Etcher Designed With Autodesk Fusion 360
#CNC #3D-Printed #Stepper_Motor #Laser
YT: bazL2gomHAM
“With this Instructable, not only will you build the largest and lightest 7.5W Laser Etcher you’ve ever seen in action, you will emerge an engineering stallion with your honed Autodesk Fusion 360 skills. My son and I exhausted all the greatest features of Autodesk Fusion 360 for rapidly prototyping mechatronic designs including model imports, mechanical design, assembly joints, PCB design, PCB enclosure design, CAM, G-Code Exports, 2D Drawings, exploded views, and Photorealistic Rendering,_

This step-by-step tutorial will give you mastery of Autodesk Fusion 360 while also giving you a one-of-a-kind, beast of a CNC machine that allows for marking large sheets of fabric to make your own clothes or laying out trace lines for school poster projects. You’ll also be able to cut up to 1/4” plywood and burn masks on your chemical etch PCB projects. Throughout this build, my son will bestow his 10 years of Autodesk experience that he developed as Autodesk Fusion 360 evolved dating back to the Autodesk123 days.

Build Notes: This CNC was so big - we rewarded ourselves with a ping pong table to hold it!

- Frame: 1000mmx20mmx20mm Extruded Aluminum T-Slot (5 pieces)
- Motors: Nema 17 Stepper Motors 17HS4401 (3 each)
- Laser: 7.5W Optical Power (1 each)
- CNC Wheel Plate: For the Laser Mount (1 each)
- CNC Wheel Plate: For the Gantry (2 each)
- Stepper Driver: 4 Amp (2 each)
- Cable: 4 Conductor 20AWG (~20ft)
- Cable Management: 15mmx30mm Drag Chain (2 each)
- CNC Brains: Arduino UNO (1 each)
- Timing Belts: 5mm wide 2mm pitch (10 meters)
- Belt Tensioners: 5mm pulleys (3 each)
- 3D Printer Filament: PLA (1kG)
- T-slot Brackets: 6mm Corner Brackets (1 pack)
- Miscellaneous: ProtoBoard, hookup wire, connectors of choice
- Autodesk Fusion 360 File: Raising Awesome Github

3D Printed Parts:
- Legs (4 ea)
- Cable Bracket (6 ea)
- Cable Clip (6 ea)
- Laser Motor Mount (1 ea)
- Laser Gantry Mount (1 ea)
- Left Motor Mount (1 ea)
- Right Motor Mount (1 ea)”

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