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This is my first Raspberry Pi Pico project. This is the latest offering from raspberry pi and this time its not a SBC its a micro-controller. This is a new direction for the raspberry pi foundation and they have gone into it wholeheartedly by producing there own chip. But what do i think about it? well lets start with a simple project and see how it goes!
This is basically a colour maker. You have 4 full colour (RGB) LED’s and 3 variable resistors, you select the required amount of each colour on the 3 outer LED’s and the resultant mix is shown om the middle LED. And The LED light is defused by Ping Pong balls!
4 * RGB LED’s
3mm ply wood
6 * 330ohm resistors
raspberry pi Pico.
3 * 10Kohm pots
4 * Ping Pong balls
3 * 200mm posts and screws.”

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