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Water plays an important role in our day-to-day life. Although our mother earth is covered with 71% of the water we have just very little; that is approximately only 1.2% which is available for domestic usage.
As we being.. human beings It is our mutual responsibility to save water by at least taking small steps in our daily life, like not over-consuming water and prevent the excess usage, also we can take a small step towards preventing overflow of the water from the water tank which gets wasted. Such a life-supporting and a life saving but ultimately a finite resource gets wasted due to our negligence.

Here we can take a small step towards prevention of overflow of water from the water tank;

Presenting here a “low-cost overflow alarm” which is made from very few electronic components like IC 555, Some resistors and capacitors, etc. Here IC 555 is configured in Astable multivibrator mode.”

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