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Signal Processing with XADC and PYNQ

Creating a PYNQ image for the MicroZed 7010/20 and IO Carrier Card. Signal processing with XADC.

We are all familiar with the RFSoC and the high speed ADC and DAC which are combine with the ZYNQ MPSoC. However, you might not be aware all Xilinx Seven Series and up have a XADC / Sysmon ADC which is cable of monitoring the internal voltage rails and die temperature.

the XADC / Sysmon is also capable of monitoring external analog signals, ont eh Zynq 7000 it is able to sample at up to 1 MSPS which makes it very interesting for simple signal processing applications.

I have also seen few applications which use PYNQ to capture data from the XADC so in this project we are going to create a simple XADC scope application.

To get started we need a PYNQ Image as there is no official PYNQ image for the MicroZed (either 7010 or 20) the first thing to do is create a PYNQ image. As such a thing is a project on its own and we have done this sever times before I will refer you to previous projects (Zybo, Snickerdoodle and Cora) and make the image available here.

To get started, we need to first develop an overlay which connects the XADC to the Processors system using the AXI stream interface and DMA. This allows us to capture a continuous stream of data input from the Vp/Vn dedicated analogue input.”

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