Main Content® and Seeed Introduce the First Affordable RISC-V Board Designed to Run Linux

Seeed and® have announced an official collaboration with the leading RISC-V solutions provider, StarFive, to create the latest member of the® series, BeagleV™ (pronounced Beagle five.) BeagleV™ is the first affordable RISC-V board designed to run Linux. BeagleV™, pushes open-source to the next level and gives developers more freedom and power to innovate and design industry leading solutions with an affordable introductory price of $149 followed by lower cost variants in subsequent releases.

BeagleV™ will be available for early access in March with larger availability in September. The early access version encompasses StarFive Jinghong 7100 SoC with powerful AI performance (3.5T NVDLA, 1T NNE), built-in ISP, 1 Gigabit ethernet, and a dual core 64-bit SiFive U74 RISC-V CPU with 8GB of LPDDR4 memory. It also has a dedicated hardware encoder/decoder supporting H.264 and H.265 4k@60fps, making it a perfect edge computing device with powerful AI capability. Supported by mainline Linux and a Debian-based® open-source software image, BeagleV™ is ready for development out-of-the-box and prepared for the future.

BeagleV™ supports a high-level of flexibility in development, which gives Linux users, Kernel, and BSP developers more flexibility from silicon to hardware. The social and community value of this development board is to elevate open-source to the next level, and the three parties are embracing this and pushing it further to enable the evolution of science and technology industries. BeagleV™ marks the first time that hardware development has ever achieved this level of freedom and openness, and the significance of the revolutionary collaboration is the shared purpose of the three parties, which is to make the open-source community stronger and more sustainable.

BeagleV™ provides the open-source community with the opportunity to build projects with a higher performance development board. Our vision is to help and enable the RISC-V ecosystem to grow, to productize RISC-V based projects, and to contribute much more open hardware in the global developer community. The three companies with special business models have worked closely together to deliver a revolutionary platform that completely opens up computer equipment and makes it available to users. BeagleV™ acts as a milestone to the world of open-source and provides a stronger and more flexible way for developers to extend their projects and to make a much more thriving community.® and Seeed look forward to strengthening the continued partnership with StarFive and the RISC-V community, especially around StarFive’s upcoming production Jinghong 7110 SoC this summer with Quad-core 64-bit SiFive U74 RISC-V processor.”

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