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Hi there, today we will be learning how to make an audio amplifier using SMD version of LM386. We will look at the datasheet info, the circuit diagram in EagleEDA, then the PCB in Eagle EDA and finally the actual hardware. It will be a complete DIY with circuit and PCB descriptions and information everything included.Necessary files are also given at respective steps
Prerequisites: Analog Circuits, familiarization with PCB and circuit analysis, reading datasheet, .
So lets not waste any more time and directly jump at the circuit info.


- LM386 SMD
- 100nF(104) ceramic non polar cap, 4pc
- 2pF ceramic non polar cap 1pc
- 100uF polar electrolytic 1pc
- 47uF polar Capacitor electrolytic 1pc
- 470uF polar Capacitor electrolytic 1pc
- 10uF
- 10k potentiometer 2pc
- 1 condenser mic
- 10ohm Resistor
- 1kohm resistor
- 8ohm speaker and earphone
- 3.5mm Male cable and female connector
- 9V battery with connector
- male header and shorter caps
- Terminal Blocks (Number as per ur requirements)
- copper clad board single sided
- Hand drill with 0.7,0.8,0.9 mm bits for PCB hole drilling
- FeCl3 solution for etching
- Cloth iron for toner transfer
- Glossy photopaper A4 for printing PCB with Laser Printer
- Acetone/Kerosene for cleaning away toner
- Soldering Iron and solder
- Wood varnish (optional)”

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