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Hello there! I hope you all are fine and in good health. This instructable is about making your own current sensor that is compatible with Arduino and most other widely popular microcontrollers. This project features a compact design and an all SMD component based circuit, making this sensor module very compact for it’s range.
This current sensor can easily be used for measuring currents up to 15 Amps constant and can even handle about 20 Amps peak. I had previously built a shunt current measurement module using a home made shunt but it had a few limitations- The wire was quite long which may not be suitable for small devices. It also got rusted over time and one major drawback was heating at higher currents even at 10 amperes. Well, this module solves almost all of these problems in a more efficient design.
This was a great learning project for me and I hope it will be same for you as well!
Let’s get started :)”

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