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Hi guys, we will make an interesting project in this project. We will try to make a flame by snapping our finger.Let’s get started on the project.

First, let’s create a prototype. I will use Arduino Nano for this project. You can use any Arduino model you want. The source codes will work on all of them.

Parts Required for Prototype:

1x Arduino Nano V3
1x Sound Sensor Module
1x IRFZ44N Mosfet
2x 3.7v Battery 18650
1x Battery Holder 18650
1x Breadboard
Resistor Pack
Jumper Wires
Matches and Candles

Let’s put the Arduino Nano on a breadboard. Next, let’s plug in the sound sensor.
We need a Mosfet for switching and power balancing. Also, we need a resistor to use with Mosfet.
Next, I’ll use an LED to adjust and see the sensitivity of the sound sensor. Actually, LED is just like a flame trigger. Of course, I add a resistor that I will use only for LED.
Yes, we’ve completed all the components. Let’s start making connections.

Sound Sensor:

Sound sensor VCC to Arduino +5V
Sound sensor GND to Arduino GND
Sound sensor OUT to Arduino Digital 10
Mosfet & LED:

Mosfet Pin 1 (Gate leg) to Arduino Digital 9
Mosfet Pin 1 to 10K Resistor
10K Resistor other leg to Arduino GND
Mosfet Pin 2 (Drain leg) to LED (-)
LED (+) to 220 Ohm Resistor
220 Ohm Resistor other leg to Arduino VIN
We’ve completed the connections, now let’s take a closer look at the source code.”

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