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A wireless ROVER which is controlled by a web-page served by Node.js server, with the help of Sockets.

Project Idea
Node.js is one of the best options for Real-Time Applications. I have previously worked on some real-time apps using Sockets, so with the same concept, I decided to make some IoT projects with Node.js server for self-learning.

This Rover of mine communicates with my Node.js server using Bluetooth and on the front-end, I send commands to the server using Sockets.

Project Aim
To study and implement wireless communication between Node server and hardware (which is in this case our Rover), and to remotely control the Rover with a mobile web-page served by Node server using Sockets.

You need to have some basic knowledge of Node, socket programming, and L298 Motor Driver working.

1 Arduino Uno
1 L298 Motor Driver
HC-05 Bluetooth Module
Jumper Wires
2 Battery - 9 volts each
2 gear Motors (6-9 volts)
2 compatible wheels
Computer with Node.js installed for our server.”

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