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Toshiba Launches Lens Reduction Type 1500-Pixel Monochrome CCD Linear Image Sensors for Industrial Equipment

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”) has launched two lens reduction type 1,500-pixel monochrome CCD linear image sensors for industrial equipment: “TCD1105GFG,” with a built-in electronic shutter function, and “TCD1106GFG.” Sample shipment will start from July 2020.

The new sensors support two key industry requirements: faster operation of equipment that incorporate sensors, including inspection equipment with monochrome CCD linear image sensors; and lower power consumption.

The new sensors can be used at a maximum data rate of 25MHz, and both incorporate a timing generator circuit and CCD driver, realizing high-speed operation with few external circuits. A built-in sample and hold circuit lengthens the video output signal period, contributing to easier design for high-speed signal processing.

In addition to improved performance, lower power consumption than Toshiba’s current high-speed products is achieved with a single 3.3V power drive.”

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