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Toshiba’s 600V Small Intelligent Power Device Helps Lower Motor Power Dissipation

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”) has launched “TPD4162F,” a high-voltage intelligent power device (IPD) housed in a small surface mount package, designed to drive motors in products such as air conditioners, air purifiers and pumps. Mass production shipments start today.

Fabricated with a new process, TPD4162F reduces power dissipation about 10% lower than that of Toshiba’s current IPD, TPD4152F—which will help to lower the power dissipation of devices into which it is integrated.

TPD4162F has various control circuits, and IGBTs and FRDs are installed on output stage. This supports direct drive of a brushless DC motor with square wave input signals from either a Hall sensor or a Hall IC without requiring a PWM controller IC. Various built-in protection circuits[3] reduce the peripheral circuit count. Use of a small surface mount package, HSSOP31, can help reduce the size and height of motor control boards.”

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