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A fun way to monitor your internet traffic!

With complete lockdown going on in India, everything including mail services has been closed. No new PCB projects, no new components, nothing! So to overcome the boredom and to keep myself busy, I decided to make something from the parts which I already have at home. I started searching from the pile of electronics junk and found an old, broken analog multimeter. I salvaged the ‘meter movement’ from it and decided to display some kind of information but didn’t exactly know what. First, I thought of displaying COVID-19 stats but there are already many better projects on the internet. Also, the data is updated after a few hours and a still pointer of the meter would be boring. I wanted data that changes quickly, changes every second. I asked for suggestions on Instagram and one of my followers replied with Internet Speedometer. It sounded interesting and decided to make it!

In this tutorial, I will show you how I grabbed data from my WiFi router using SNMP and displayed the upload and download speeds on the meter.”

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