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Web Interface to remote control a Denon AVR with an ESP8266 and a infrared led or the Room to Room connection.

There are 4 ways to remote control older Denon AVR’s (in my case Denon AVR 2308):

1. by remote: my AVR is inside a tv console and there is no line of sight.
2. by RS232: i managed to remote control it by connecting the COM Port of an old PC (which still has a COM port interface) and it worked perfectly. I just did not want another PC running. My first intention was to connect the ESP8266 Serial port to the Denon COM Port but I just could not get it working.
3. Infrared extender / blaster (you can get one for 10-15€) but what’s the fun in that? This repo can be used for emitting IR signals through a IR led.
4. Using the “Room to Room” “REMOTE CONTROL” or whatever it’s called. Some AVR have the possibility to control other devices in other rooms for example. This is just a jack input for the same signals as for the IR led. This repo can also be used for emitting IR signals through the jack input without the need of a IR led. See your Denon manual”

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