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Blue Light Project Part2

So in Blue Light Project Part1 I explained some of the steps I took to reduce insomnia by reducing evening blue light. I didn’t have an easy way of seeing how well it worked, so I decided to build a Color meter to measure how much blue light I was getting.

DISCLAIMER: These are my opinions only!

So this Lazy Old Geek (L.O.G.) decided to use a TCS34725 (see picture) color sensor. It can measure the Red, Green and Blue components of light and also white. Plus Adafruit has a nice Arduino library for it.

Here’s an Instructable for TCS34725 that has some good information:

I purchased mine from

I decided to use my current favorite Arduino, an Adafruit M4 Express(see picture) and my Adafruit 3.5” FeatherWing.

This setup would have the 3.5” display to show the results plus has a microSD card to be able to store data snapshots. Connecting the TCS34725 sensor would be relatively simple.”

Link to article