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Hey fellow DIY’ers. Have you ever found your house door open after returning from a long trip? Me neither. But it is always good to have a safety system in our houses. I’m not talking about the old school projects like a laser trip wire, no no, that’s boring. This is something from the future. Okay I’m exaggerating :p

With concerns growing for the safety of people who live solitary lives(especially women), this innovation will be of great aid to them. I’m currently living in hostel and half my stuff has been flicked already….just kidding :P

This device works as an alert-notification system wherein a notification is sent to your smartphone when the door is open. The refresh period is 15 seconds. So if you don’t get a notification every 15 seconds, the door is closed. Trust me, it is a pretty simple and inexpensive project.
Let’s not make the intro any longer lol. Just sit back and enjoy the making!

NodeMCU (esp8266) microcontroller
5V power supply
Reed switch (optional)
Jumper wires

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