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Recently, there has been a wave of robberies in my country which are targeted at elderly people in their own homes. Usually, access is granted by the occupants themselves since the visitors convince them that they are caregivers/nurses. It’s just beyond words, how angry and sad these stories make me feel. Home should be your first safe haven and even more so if you are already in a vulnerable position when being outside. With this in mind, I started this project.

General information
The doorbell system is mainly designed for elderly or vision-impaired persons and is pretty straight-forward in its workings. In short, the doorbell switch triggers the camera to obtain footage. Next, faces in the footage are detected and matched with a whitelist and blacklist. The occupant gets clear visual feedback by a clear traffic light display. Hereby, the green, yellow or red light indicate that the person(s) are on the whitelist, unknown to the system or on the blacklist respectively. If the yellow or red light is triggered, the photo is sent by a Telegram bot to inform/warn a relative or caretaker.

Level of expertise
The project was set up for enthusiasts that are particularly curious about using computer vision and artificial intelligence. This instructable is written for an audience of beginners, so don’t worry if you have no experience! Furthermore, the project can be interesting for more experienced makers as well since the pipeline is organized in a way that you can expand it with your own computer vision and face recognition ideas without much hassle.”

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