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The project in a nutshell: I am fond of reading books and collecting them in my library and needed a simple way to verify whether I have a particular book when searching for an edition via ISBN and thus created this electronics project and the associated web application.

To search editions easily, I created a gadget that sends the entered ISBN to the web application by using Arduino Nano 33 IoT. And, I developed a simple menu letting you choose and manage options displayed by a Nokia 5110 screen. The mentioned menu offers more features than sending ISBN: you can find more information in the following steps.

Also, to maintain the database with a user-friendly interface when entering new book entries, I developed a web application in PHP, named ISBN Registration. In this application, you can create book entries identified by their ISBN, including name, page, and author information. You can use this application in the free version on TheAplituhedron if you need a host server for this project without struggling with PHP. Click here to create your application hosted on TheAmplituhedron. Nevertheless, the web application is open source: I provided the source code with instructions for those who want to either upload the web application on a different server or modify it.

Some of the mentioned products and components in this project are sponsored by digitspace:

Arduino Nano 33 IoT with Headers | Inspect
4×4 Matrix Array Keyboard 16-Key Membrane Switch Keypad | Inspect

What is an ISBN?
ISBN is the acronym for International Standard Book Number. This 10 or 13-digit number identifies a specific book, an edition of a book, or a book-like product (such as an audiobook). Since 1970 each published book has a unique ISBN. In 2007, assigned ISBNs changed from 10 digits to 13.”

On most books, the ISBN number can be found on the back cover, next to the barcode. If a book doesn’t show the ISBN on the back cover, look on the page featuring the copyright and publisher information and the ISBN will be found there.”“

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