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Let’s make a cool project using scrap/ used parts of the computer’s DVD writer. Let’s make a mini CNC.

Hello all hope you are doing good. I’m here with another very cool project which you can build using some scrap/ used parts of the computer. In this tutorials I’m going to show you how you can make a mini CNC Machine at home from the old DVD Writers of the Computer and the Arduino UNO. by using this CNC machine you can draw logo and can write text also. For better understanding, you can refer this video.

Components Used

1- Old/ Used DVD Writers 2X _ (you can get these from any computer repairing/servicing shop)

2- Arduino UNO 1X _ USA / INDIA

3- Servo Motor 1X USA / INDIA

4- CNC Shield V1 (PCB)

5- L293D IC 2X _ USA / INDIA

6- A piece of Aluminium From local store

7- M5x25mm Nuts & Bolts From local store

8- flaxible Wires From local store”_

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