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Bit Preserve

Project for capturing vintage, classic, aka old computer schematics in KiCad.

Recreating classic computer schematics. Let’s convert all those random scanned PDFs into a modern, editiable and re-usable format.

Most of the directories are empty. They represent the structure I had initially had in mind. I’m working on the Apple IIgs ROM3 schematic. Another contributor has provided schematics for the Altair 8800. There is plenty of room for you to contribute!

How it works
Pick a system, find a schematic, and start drawing. The project has picked KiCad as the primary schematic capture tool. If there are variants of the schematic, give them their own directory. If you see a system you’d like to contribute but it isn’t listed, just submit a pull request. If you start working on a system, do a pull on the readme file in that directory and put your name there as “working on it.”“

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