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Good afternoon, dear viewers and readers. Today I want to show you the complete assembly guide for the 10 band LED spectrum analyzer.

Brief Overview of the Technical Features of the Spectrum Analyzer.
1.The reading value is in the frequency range from thirty-one hertz to sixteen kilohertz.
2.Dimensions of the LED matrix: ten rows per ten columns.
3.Possible operating modes: dot, dot with peak hold, line, line with peak hold.
4.The spectrum analyzer is powered by a twelve volt DC power supply.
5.Power consumption depends on the LEDs used in the matrix.
6.Type of input signal: Linear mono.

Links to Radio Components.
Archive with spectrum analyzer files link:
Project on the EasyEDA page:
Radio parts store
Microchip Atmega 8
Microchip TL071
Microchip CD4028
Stereo jack socket
DC power connector
DIP switches
10 segment LED module”

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