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Basic Mobile Phone Using STM32F407 Discovery Kit and GSM A6 Module

Have you ever wanted to create a cool embedded project?. If yes, how about building one of the most popular and everyone’s favorite gadget i.e Mobile Phone!!!. In this Instructable, I will guide you on how to build a basic mobile phone using the STM32F407 Discovery Kit and GSM A6 module.

This project contains 3 main modules :

GSM A6 Module - This is module is responsible for Making/Receiving Calls and SMS.
LCD 16x02 Display - To see the output
Hex Keypad - To give input
The STM32F407 MCU controls the GSM A6, LCD, and Keypad. So to make programming simple and organized, I developed individual driver code for Interfacing GSM A6 module, LCD and Keypad on STM32F407 MCU. Then I simply included these driver files in the main program and called respective APIs. You can find these driver codes in the Supplies below.

The Entire Keil Project file is included below

Complete details on STM32F407 Discovery Kit Getting started with STM32F407 Discovery Kit
Basic details about GSM A6 Module
GitHub RepositoryBasic Mobile Phone Using STM32F407 Discovery kit and GSM module A6 Module
Interfacing 16x02 LCD on STM32F407 Discovery using the I2C module.
Interfacing 4X4 Matrix Keypad on STM32F407 Discovery Kit
Interfacing GSM-A6 Module on STM32F407 Discovery Kit”

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