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Control the motion of robot by your mobile, Using TI RSLK kit, MSP432 microcontroller and POLOLU board for power distributon.

We will be making a robot that will accept navigation command from a custommade app and follow it accordingly. It is programmed in such a way that it will follow certain commands like motion our phone. For this, we will be needing TI-RSLK. It contains MSP432 microcontroller, Pololu board, chassis, tires, and motors.

MSP432 is a combination of MSP430 and Arm CORTEX microprocessor, the power supply of 7800mAh is given by Pololu board. The custom application has navigation buttons. Upon pressing, the button command will be converted in to ASCII and it will transferred to the robot using Bluetooth module. The Bluetooth module will then communicate the ASCII to the microcontroller using UART communication. Microcontroller is programmed using Energia IDE. The programming language is based on C. The video attached will demonstrate the working of the robot.”

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