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Getting Started With MicroPython on the ESP8266

Do you want a different way to program the ESP8266-based boards rather than the common method using Arduino IDE along with C/C++ programing language ?
In this tutorial we will learn who to configure and control an ESP8266 board using MicroPython.


MicorPython is one of the many programming language that can we use to program the ESP8266 module. It is a lean and fast version of the Python 3 programming language and has several advantages over traditional programming languages such as C and C++.

MicroPython is designed to be compatible with normal Python as much as possible. It has a complete Python compiler and runtime, and provides an interactive prompt known as REPL (Read-Eval-Print Loop).

MicorPython is designed to support few different types of microcontrollers. But for this tutorial I’m going to work with just one model: the ESP8266-based board (NodeMCU). Note that there are a few different boards that you can buy with the same chip.”

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