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Angstrom - a Tuneable LED Light Source

Angstrom is a 12 channel tuneable LED light source that can be built for under 100. It features 12 PWM controlled LED channels spanning 390nm-780nm and offers both the ability to mix multiple channels to a single 6mm fibre-coupled output as well as the capability of outputting any or all channels simultaneously to individual 3mm fibre outputs.
Applications include microscopy, forensics, colorimetry, document scanning etc. You can easily simulate the spectrum of various light sources such as compact fluorescent lamps (CFL).
Additionally the light sources could be used for interesting theatrical lighting effects. The power channels are more than capable of handling additional LEDs with a higher rated power supply, and the multiple wavelengths create a beautiful and unique multicoloured shadow effect that normal white or RGB LED sources cannot duplicate. It’s a whole rainbow in a box!.”

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