Infinity Mirror Valentine's Candy Box

An infinity mirror is an optical illusion that makes a single row of lights look like countless rows of lights, receding into the void forever. It’s created by placing a one-way mirror over a second mirror with lights in-between. The lights turn the upper mirror transparent from the outside. Inside, the two mirrored surfaces reflect each other in ever decreasing images. The lights appear to be marching in perspective towards a vanishing point, which gives them the feeling of depth.

This guide will show you how to build an infinity mirror box lid and light it two different ways:

a Mini Box that uses press-on Circuit Sticker LEDs
an Animated Box that uses a strip of NeoPixels controlled by an Adafruit Gemma M0 programmed in beginner-friendly MakeCode.
Both versions can be used to store treasures after the candy is gone and are kid-friendly. The Animated Box uses AAA batteries (rather than LiPo) and a Gemma M0 microcontroller that’s inexpensive enough to build in permanently.

Try one or both!”


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