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Infinity Earrings

Reusing some left over spy mirror acrylics (because we didn’t want to throw away stuff) and experimenting with UV light. While the big led cubes can be scaled up easily, for smaller cubes using LED stripes become to complicated and take to much space. Therefore we needed another light source for the columns. Thats why i exchanged the active stripes with the passive fluorescent material, enlightened by a single LED. As a result, infinity earrings were born (just by chance happening at valentines day :).
Since they are easy to make, can reuse left over material and use few different construction techniques as well as electronics, they might be a also a nice idea for children workshops (or even easier/faster: just one micro cube on a small podest similar like the big one in an instructable before)
For each mini cube we need a little bit of spy mirror (lasercut into 6 27*27 square millimiter pieces), a 3D printed frame for both mirrors and batteries (2 2032 3V coin cells), a 5mm UV diode and fluorescent paint. A premade ear ring hook and a small piece of silver wire to attach it to the battery holder is also needed.”

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