Designed for Industry 4.0, but suitable for smart home too. Features WiFi control, current measuring, PWM, soft start / stop and safety.

Concept & Features
Industry 4.0 is about smart equipment communicating with each other. Also equipment will have self maintaining capabilities, by collecting data about their condition and letting an AI to predict malfunction.

A wireless switch (kind of a wireless solid state relay) with smart functions like current measuring, will ease the creation of smart equipment. It should be easy to integrate in existing equipment and by measuring the current consumption of the device, using AI and big data analysis malfunction could detect with high precision.

In terms of design requirements and features we will have something like:

voltage range: 15-300 VDC, 87-230 VAC
current range: 0-50 A (DC/AC)
high efficiency - low ON state resistance (comparable to a mechanical relay)
high reliability - no moving parts
wireless operation - the only connections are the power and load
built-in modular power supply - 12V and 3.3V for logic and gate drive
safety - automatic malfunction detection (over-current)
security - secure communication and firmware upgrades
compact size
The Infineon’s 600 V CoolMOS™ C7 Gold MOSFET-s can be used to build such switches. Given it’s low Rds it enables high efficiency, while as there are no moving parts the reliability of the device will be much higher than a mechanical relay based one.

On the software side the device will expose a HTTP interface and it will also publish its state and sensor data over MQTT. The HTTP interface will be secured using modern cryptography. The data broadcast-ed by the device will be saved in time-series databases, to be used later for data analysis, AI and so.”


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