DIY Over-Current Protection

IntroductionAs a beginner in electronics, you’re pretty limited when it comes to powering your newly-fabricated circuits. Now, that would not be a problem if you make absolutely no mistakes. But, let’s face it that it is a rarity. So, no matter whether you messed up a connection on the output side of your IC or you mix up the polarity of your capacitor something will get destroyed because your power supply will pump out the overcurrent according to it’s set voltage no matter. What one solution to this problem is using a variable bench power supply with a current limit function so that we can prevent a big current flow when an error occurs but those are pretty expensive. Obviously, this is not usable when you create a battery powered project. In this project, I will show you how to create a simple circuit that connects in between your power source and your circuits and will interrupt the current flow whenever a set current limit is reached.”


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