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Prototyping platform for Arduino-Raspberry

This is a customizable support for electronic cards. It can be adjusted to fit almost any board, with screws fitting or just sitting in a notch.
I made two board, one with an external power supply with rectifier, voltage regulator, volt and amps gauge, a little voltage booster, temperature gauge, a big breadboard and a Uno, and another with the Uno, a little voltage booster, volt and amps gauge, 1602 display and a little breadboard. I fixed some of the boards with screws and some that have no fixing points with a drop of hot glue.

In the customizer you can add as much as 10 boards, in case you need more you have to do some copy and paste…

I used some boards stl files as a reference in the examples, and if you want them you can find them at the following links:

Arduino uno:
Mega 2560:
Raspberry Pi A+ :
Raspberry Pi B+:
Raspberry zero:

Most of the stl files are rendered and exported in different positions respect axis centers.
This is a preferences of designers, and will not bug the slicers, but if you import them into another project and want them centered, you should to do it manually. To avoid that, I open the file with Cura, slice it without moving it on the plane, and save it again as stl. This will center the model in all 3 axis, and even correct it if there are any errors with it.

Unfortunately in Thingiverse customizer is not possible to implement external files (or at least I don’t know how) and you will not be able to see the boards stl files but use the “show_box” option, otherwise you need to use OpenScad.

There are more modules and components in the groups:”

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