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Orange Pi Zero Case

This is a case for the Orange Pi Zero:
Specifically, the original Orange Pi Zero with the H2+ CPU.


This will not fit the Orange Pi Zero Plus2 (with the HDMI connector). It might fit the Orange Pi Zero Plus with the H5 CPU, but I don’t have one to try.
This case is for the Orange Pi Zero only, without the interface expansion board.
If you do print this, consider the staggering amount of good karma that will come from providing feedback here. Even a short comment will do wonders.

OpenSCAD source shared in case you would like to make changes. Please respect the CC license. Source is also shared on github:

The Orange Pi Zero that was used for taking measurements has its USB-A socket soldered in at a slight angle. I’m not sure whether that’s the case for all units. However, even the one pictured at the orangepi site shows the USB connector slightly angled. If yours is straight, you might have to modify the source and generate a new STL for the bottom shell.
All connectors and the SD card slot have 0.5mm clearance, which is hopefully enough to make up for any tolerances.”

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