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What is eRrigatoreRrigator is what it sounds like. It’s an internet connected irrigation controller. HW costs are less than $40 and probably could be pushed down to about $30. It supports up to 6 stations, but more can be added easily if need be. Programming is different than most irrigation controllers. It allows for multiple programs to be set for each station separately from the others. This means that programming it does not require artificial linkage between different stations.
The unit has its own Real Time Clock (RTC) and stores the programming and configuration on FLASH memory. This means that even without internet connection, it will execute the schedule as planned.
Tools UsedController + WiF: NodeMCU Platform: Arduino DevTools: PlatformIOControlling the UnitControl of unit, from programming, to turning on a station for a few minutes: Free Azure Tier allows up to 10 websites with traffic limits Messaging to “inform” the unit of a new control command: MQTT hosted on On unit LCD of 20x4 showing status + watering events. No data entry or menu control buttons”

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