IOTTemp - WEMOS Based Cheap, Durable Temperature and Humidity Internet Logger With Display.

I wanted to share a small project that I think you will like. It is a small, durable internet enabled temperature and humidity internet logger with display. This logs to and optionally, either locally to a Raspberry PI or your own emoncms server. It features the LOLIN (formerly WEMOS) D1 Mini which incorporates the ESP8266 core. Temperature and Humidity sensor is the LOLIN DHT 3.0 I2C sensor. The software is Arduino and naturally, open source. I’ve now built 7 of these and a mate of mine wants 3 more.

I’ve encased it in a “Systema” 200ml plastic case. These are available in Australia for ~$2. Total cost of the components, including a USB micro cable is < $AU30 so you should be able to build this in the US for ~$20

The complete component list is

LOLIN DI Mini V3.1.0
LOLIN DHT Shield 3.0 temperature and humidity
TFT 1.4 Shield V1.0.0 for WeMos D1
TFT I2C Connector Shield V1.1.0 for LOLIN (WEMOS) D1 mini
TFT Cable 10P 200mm 20cm for WEMOS SH1.0 10P double head cable
I2C Cable 100mm 10cm for LOLIN (WEMOS) SH1.0 4P double head cable
Plastic case - SYSTEMA 200ml - in Australia Coles/Woolies/KMart
USB Micro to USB-A power cable
All the active components can be bought on the LOLIN store on AliExpress.

Tools and miscellaneous hardware

Soldering iron. You will need to solder the headers on the shields
1.5mm cap head bolts ~ 1cm long and driver to suit
1.5mm drill or reamer for bolt holes
Round file or Dremel to cut slot for cables”


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