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Wind Speed Monitor Via MQTT

Once I failed to control the drone because of the wind so I want to measure the wind speed to know whether it is suitable for the drone flight in the wild. So I am thinking of how to measure the wind speed in the field I can check it anywhere remotely. Thanks to Arduino and MQTT, after days of learning/ studying, and also some hardware modules from Makerfabs, I solved this perfectly.
In this tutorial, I want to simply introduce the MQTT and how to build an MQTT network to get the wind speed of specific place.

What Is MQTT
Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) is a machine-to-machine protocol designed to widely lightweight publish/subscribe message transportation. It minimizes network bandwidth and resource requirements while ensuring reliability by keeping packet headers as small as possible.

MQTT is a transmission protocol developed for the Internet of Things. It is specially optimized for devices with low computing power. And it makes devices suitable for various IoT application scenarios. Setting up an MQTT system to handle your pub/sub messaging needs can bring powerful benefits to your process:

Development easily.
Strong scalability.
Transmit and receive information quickly and efficiently.
Reduce network bandwidth consumption.”

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