Two ESP control by webpage. ESP and webpage can be in different geographic locations (via Internet). Requires 20 lines of extra code.


Why Easy to use, free, webpages can be opened on smartphone and desktop browsers, it’s accessible around the world, and features out of the box components.

Controlling one ESP for the second ESP
Simultaneously controlling ESP via the website
After ESP is enabled, the status is to be set to the current one
ESPs do not have to be on the same local network and no public IP or tunnels etc. are required
Knowledge of html and javascript is not required
Ease of modification
This time, I will show how to communicate with each other to Arduino (I will alternate using the name Arduino and ESP as I’ve use the Wemos D1 mini Pro and NodeMCU) and the website. We can use this type of project to control a switch connected to the ESP remotely via another ESP, as well as via a website. Both the ESP and the device with the website do not have to be in the same local network.”


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