Hello DIYrs, ever wanted to share your feelings with someone but there isn’t a trusted one around? Well, my cute little Eve has been created for exactly that purpose. She is a chatterbot, a very cute one in fact. You can share your experiences, feelings and most importantly, argue about different things; she is well-experienced at it Because that’s the most important function of a chatbot, make the person feel happy. Based upon simple, cheap components and basic programming, she can behave smart really to a great extent. Further the LCD eyes that she possess show how she feels when you say something. Well chatterbots are so common nowadays that it is hard to find one who doesn’t know about it. Apps like Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant are becoming a part of our lives. Starting from the Eliza of Joseph Weizembaum, we have so many chatbots available today. But apart from that, having a real robotic friend with which you can share every feeling, I guess is the best thing. So that’s the main reason I created Eve. In this instructable, we shall see about the design of Eve, the circuit and the connections, the programming part and how to play with Eve.”


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