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An Open Source Solid State Current measurement device

There are many practical situations where we need to know the current absorption of a circuit branch, a motor or in general, an electric utilizer. Sure, we could just use a multimeter set on amps measurement, but this is not to point, in fact in this context, when we say know we mean to detect a value and transmit it to a circuit that will in turn carry out specific actions. In this case, we need an amperometric sensor capable of providing an appropriate output.

We know that this can be implemented in various ways, according to the coupling with the circuit where we have to take the measurement, which can basically be magnetic (like an amperometric clamp) or galvanic. In this post, we propose a device of this kind, based on a dedicated chip mounted on a breakout board that is very practical to combine to various circuits, such as one of the many Arduino boards or our Fishino boards.

The amperometric sensor described can measure up to 5 A both in direct or alternate current and provides, on the output, and analog voltage that is directly proportional to the detected value, according to a linear relation, although including a fixed offset.

We will better explain this and more by analyzing the circuit on which we are going to install the sensor.”

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