UltrasonicEyes is a fun and quirky project you can place somewhere and watch as it looks at things moving around in front of it. Freaky!

I wanted to make a quirky project using some 8x8 matrix LEDs and some ultrasonic sensors… something different from what other people usually make with ultrasonics - and I wanted it to be fun and playful.

So I created what I call UltrasonicEyes - a fun project that you sit somewhere near where people move around and it will look around at where people are, and blink and well, just weird you out in a fun and creepy way!

What will we need?
Ultrasonic sensor modules are designed to detect obstacles and to determine how far away the obstacle is, so they generally have a detection distance of up to 3-4 meters, which is a good distance for this project to be placed inside a living room or office area.”


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