My name is Picroscope. I am an affordable, DIY, RPi-powered microscope that allows you to create and interact with your very own micro-world. I am a great hands-on project for someone who is interested in bio-technology and the worlds of microbiology, optics, or DIY electronics. I can be built by pretty much anyone, regardless of age or skill-level. Whether you are a middle schooler looking for a cool science project, a high school student in a biology class, a maker in your garage, or even a scientist doing experiments in biophysics, my goal is to help you better understand the microscopic world that surrounds you. With the help of a few electronic components and a 3-D Printer, I can be built within a day and a 60 dollar budget!
If you have gotten this far, then that means you are interested in making one of me! Yeah! Let’s get started!”


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