You have one of those tiny little Coke Can Cars? And its controllability sucks? Then here comes the solution:
Arduino 2.4GHz “Micro RC” proportional control modification!
Proportional control Arduino “Micro RC” conversion with electronic stability control system!2.4GHz Arduino / NRF24L01+ based DIY remote Custom made boards from OSH Park, designed in Eagle Proportional throttle and steering 3.7V LiPo battery MPU-6050 gyro / accelerometer, used for stability control (steering overlay). Gain adjustable via transmitter knob. TB6612FNG dual channel DC motor driver for drive motor and steering 4 Channel Joystick or 2 channel car style transmitter with OLED and integrated PONG game (if you crashed your car) Software and board files available on my GitHub. The link is below.”


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