Potentiometer Feedback Control: Implementing a Soft Extend Limit

In this Instructable we will be debriefing the method of setting a soft extension limit for actuators with potentiometer feedback. After completing this tutorial you will be able to successfully control the fully extended position of a linear actuator. All programming will be completed in the Arduino IDE.
For this tutorial we will be using the following components:
1 x Arduino Micro
1 x WASP Motor Driver
1 x Momentary 3-Position Rocker Switch
1 x Tactile Pushbutton
1 x Small Breadboard
1 x Power Supply
Before we get started, please note the following risks and limitations risks associated with setting a soft limit:
1. The saved extended limit is reset to the original full extension limit once the Arduino loses power/reset.
2. This system should not be used in applications where human life or health or significant property value depend on its proper operation.
3. Please note that Progressive Automations is not responsible for user caused error due to improper handling of electric components.”


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